What's Your Element?

With cremation taking center stage as the leading choice of Americans, people are looking for that perfect memorial option that suits them. This includes scattering a loved one’s ashes with eco scattering in their favorite place!

Below are a few examples of people being scattered in their element...

Scatter in the Mountains

Sara loved the outdoors and made her home in Colorado's rocky mountains. From being a ski instructor, to a trail guide, once she moved to the mountains in her early 20s, her family knew that Sara was in her element and would call it her home for the rest of her life. When Sara was diagnosed with cancer, she didn't let that slow her down. She continued to live and do everything she could to enjoy every minute of her precious life - from hiking 14ers to helping children take that first ski run. When she passed, her family made sure to fulfill her wishes of being scattered in the mountains. They found eco scattering to be the perfect urn for Sara and scattered a portion of her cremated remains on the top of her favorite hiking trail, and the remainder at her favorite ski resort. Now Sara will forever be in the Rockies, a place she loved.

Scatter at a Lake

Bill was an avid fisherman and spent as many weekends as he could (or that his wife would let him) at the local lake. He was a friend to all and always took a "fishing buddy" with him, whether a neighbor, or somebody he just met at the local coffee shop.  He taught all of his six children, and eleven grandchildren how to "fish like a pro", something they will cherish forever. He would always joke with his wife that when he passed, she would find him at the lake. So, when Bill passed, his family and friends grabbed their fishing gear and an eco scattering urn filled with Bill's ashes, and headed to Bill's favorite fishing spot. Over a hundred fishing lines were cast that day in honor of Bill and his children took turns scattering his remains. It was a beautiful day in memory of a great man.

Scatter in the Ocean

John grew up in Huntington Beach, then later moved to Hawaii. He was full of life and had a passion for the ocean - loved to surf, sail, fish and dive. When John unexpectedly passed, his family knew exactly what he would of wanted - to be scattered at his favorite surf spot. So John's wife, son, friends, and family grabbed their boards and paddled out to that favorite spot on a beautiful Spring morning with an eco scattering urn filled with John's ashes. They formed a circle and people shared stories and memories of John. After everybody had a chance to share a story or memory, his wife and son scattered his ashes. A beautiful ceremony for a great person..

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