Eco Scattering™ – Simple, Sustainable, Designed to Scatter!

Eco Scattering™, the new leading scattering urn of choice of U.S. funeral homes, is now available to be purchased directly through Element Urns new website!

This eco-friendly, patent pending bamboo scattering urn was developed by the same team who developed The Living Urn®, the leading bio urn and planting system designed to grow a memory tree from a special bio urn containing a loved one’s cremated remains.

Mark Brewer, the company President, commented, “Eco Scattering™ was a natural extension to our Living Urn product line. We understand that people have different preferences on how they would like to be memorialized, and we’re committed to creating high quality, uplifting products for families that will enable them to honor a loved one in the most dignified way. Similar to growing trees from a Living Urn®, scattering ashes is also becoming very popular. We saw a huge need in the market for a high quality, beautiful, truly eco-friendly and affordable scattering urn as the current options out there are pretty limited. We worked hard to develop and design Eco Scattering™ to fill this need.”

Brewer continues, “Eco Scattering™ is a very unique scattering urn with a number of important advantages. In addition to being all-natural and handcrafted from bamboo, a sustainable resource, it Is the only scattering tube on the market that gives families the ability to safely transport ashes and scatter with control at multiple locations or with multiple participants without the risk of spilling. This is because of a proprietary open and close locking top that was developed specifically for Eco Scattering™. Other products on the market are either made of paper or cardboard and are not nearly as sturdy, or are simply wood boxes with a side that simply opens to pour out ashes. Eco Scattering™ is the only urn product that is strong and secure and is actually designed to scatter ashes.”

Brewer continues, “In addition, and similar to The Living Urn®, Eco Scattering™ is also receiving great reviews from its growing customer base.  This is a testament to our fantastic U.S. based R&D team who continues to develop unique urn products that are highly attractive, affordable, and work great. Customers are having great experiences with Eco Scattering™ and we’re excited to provide families with an urn option to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one in a truly eco-friendly and dignified way..”

Priced from $39, Eco Scattering™ is an affordable option for families looking to scatter a loved one’s ashes. For more information, please visit ElementUrns.com or on Facebook @elementurns.

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